Congrats to all those students who completed Units 3 anf 4 of VCE Further maths in 2011! Exams are done, results are out, and many of you are looking ahead to your next challenge. For those of you undertaking the subject in 2012, welcome on board and I hope you find this site helpful. Most of the tutes created in 2011 were on the Core (Data Analysis) topic since everyone benefits from that. Check out the List of Tutorials so see all the Core tutorials available.

Of the other topics covered in the syllabus, there are 6 possible modules to choose from and each student only selects 3 of those, so video tutes on these other modules are a bit sparse at the moment. Hopefully I’ll get some time over the summer to create a few tutes on these other topics – sign up for the newsletter if you’d like updates when these are uploaded.

Congrats, Happy Christmas, Happy new year, and happy revision studying over summer newbies! :-P