I’m back!! Thanks for your patience while I was madly busy for the last month doing this rather time consuming thing called finishing my masters degree. The good news is, I’ve now finished. Yay me! I’ve mastered business. So now I can get on with important things like creating maths tutorial videos for you all.

So it’s time to move on from the Core (Data Analysis) topic and start giving you some help on the modules. Unfortunately, there are 6 possible modules to choose from, and each student will only be studying 3 of them. Which means the rest of the videos I make will be useful to some, but not all, further maths students.

One last statistics question for you… Below is a table of data concerning the number of students who chose each module over the last 9 years. I’m going to use these statistics, as well as the results from the poll I’ve been running on this website, to determine which order I cover the modules in.

Some practice for data analysis (BONUS POINTS… well, kudos anyway.. to the first student to answer these two questions in the comments!)
a) What percentage would you expect each row to sum to? Why?
b) What would be a possible reason some rows do not sum to this number?

Year No Students Number patterns Geometry and trigonometry Graphs and relations Business-related mathematics Networks and decision mathematics Matrices Total
2010 27,677 33% 78% 45% 42% 44% 59% 301
2009 26,206 37% 85% 49% 46% 46% 48% 311
2008 25,746 37% 86% 49% 48% 43% 36% 299
2007 25,644 42% 84% 52% 54% 41% 30% 303
2006 23,993 40% 81% 49% 54% 42% 14% 280
2005 21,815 49% 91% 53% 64% 41% n/a 298
2004 21,173 47% 90% 52% 68% 43% n/a 300
2003 24,327 51% 90% 50% 69% 41% n/a 300
2002 20,402 49% 83% 49% 66% 40% n/a 286


So.. as you can see from this table, it looks like historically “Geometry and Trigonometry” is studied by the most students. My online poll seems to suggest that of the sample I have (all further maths students in Victoria would be my population, further maths students who’ve visited this website is my sample), that most of you are studying Geom and Trig too. So though I’m going to annoy roughly 15-20% of you by doing so, I’m going to cover that module first.

Voila -- we start with SOH CAH TOA (the trigonometric ratios). Enjoy!

Update (17 June): Because I clearly wasn’t awake the day I posted this video, the title page said it was a Data Analysis tutorial. In case it’s not obvious… it’s not a data analysis tutorial, its for Module 2: Geometry and Trigonometry. I’ve changed the title page now and this is the *new* video…